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On the Say Hey Kid’s 80th birthday, Kate and Nick are talking baseball, Sharks hockey, NBA playoffs, NASCAR, the Kentucky Derby, the Pac-12’s huge television deal, and Brett Favre’s latest wish. And you thought he was gone for good …

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Four words: Defending World Series Champs. Are you ready to get the chills all over again? Then press play, baby!

March Madness continues and Kate and Nick’s brackets have yet to bust. That’s why the duo’s talking hoops, hoops, and more hoops! Then it’s a Sharks and Warriors end of the season update, a Barry Bonds perjury trial preview, a spring training check-in, and the very latest on Nick’s crusade to get a big couch into his little apartment. Click here to listen!

Despite his diminutive size, 2-time Cy Young Award winner and 2010 World Series Champion – Timmy “The Freak” Lincecum – can apparently fit quite a bit of junk in the ol’ lunch box.

That’s according to this story, which states that Tim’s usual order at In-N-Out is three Double-Doubles with cheese, two orders of fries and a milkshake. In other words, the 168 lb. pitcher – yeah, right – can put away 3,385 calories in one sitting. If you think that’s impressive, just wait ’till you hear what he eats at his favorite burger joint back in Washington!

And my love affair with Mr. Lincecum continues …

Kate and Nick are stoked! The Giants opened Cactus League play today and the A’s follow suit on Sunday. Needless to say, the duo is talking baseball. After that, it’s a quick breakdown of the NFL labor negotiations, a Sharks and Warriors update, a WCC and PAC-10 basketball check-in, and a NASCAR wrap. And hey … did you hear? Cal Tech won a game! For the first time in 26 years! Yeah, and you thought the Cavs were bad. That’s all ahead on today’s That’s What She Said.

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Yes, yes … wouldn’t we all LOVE to spend a day in his life (teenage girl sigh). But, since that’s never going to happen CSNBA decided to take it upon themselves to follow Timmy around for a day and film it for all of us to see.

Thanks … I guess (jealous teenage stare).

The reporting could have been better – then again, I’m always critical of the girls CSN hired instead of me – but getting the chance to see our superstar in his natural habitat was pretty cool. So, if you missed it, here it is. The 30 minute show is broken into three parts. Just head to the group of videos on the right side of the screen and start with part one. As B-Weezy would say, you’re welcome.


Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the Mariners, I’m talking about real estate! According to NBC Bay Area, our very own freak – 2-time Cy Young Award winner, Tim Lincecum – has decided to drop some of his hard-earned cash on a condo in downtown Seattle. For a kid that grew up just outside of the city, I’m sure it’s a dream come true. And let’s be honest, Seattle is gorgeous. It’s like San Francisco without the homeless people.

Anyway, congrats to the World Series champ for purchasing his first piece of real estate. Here’s hoping the condo remains an off-season home for years and years to come.