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March Madness is upon us and Kate and Nick are talking the Saint Mary’s snub, the Stanford women’s chances of taking it all, as well as a tease of their soon-to-be-completed brackets. Then it’s a quick NASCAR update, some Sharks and Warriors gossip, the latest NFL rule changes, and the countdown continues … MLB opening day is just two weeks away!

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And for those of you doing a bracket this year, we’d love to get you onto our Monday show! All you’ve gotta do is call the TWSS voicemail box at 415-413-7316 and leave your name, the two teams you’ve got in the final and who you think is gonna win. Easy, right? So call today!


Kate and Nick are talking NFL labor negotiations, JaMarcus Russell’s latest misstep, Oregon’s possibly paid recruiter, the countdown to March Madness, Sharks hockey, Warriors basketball, how the Giants and A’s are lookin’ down in Arizona, and much more on today’s That’s What She Said! Click here to listen.

Kate and Nick are back and cannot wait for baseball season to begin! That’s why they’re talking about last week’s Pebble Beach Pro-Am and pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training this week. Then it’s a Daytona 500 preview, an NCAA hoops update, a Sharks and Warriors check-in, and the latest off-season Oakland Raiders news … the good and the bad.

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As if there weren’t already enough things going right for the Saint Mary’s men’s basketball team this season – 1st in the WCC, #23 in the NCAA, not to mention a viral rap video – former Gaels’ star, Omar Samhan, is back in the news giving the Moraga faithful yet another reason to smile.

Samhan, who led the Gaels to the Sweet Sixteen in last year’s NCAA tourney and recently led his Lithuanian pro team to a league championship, now has his eyes set on leading the Egyptian National team to the 2012 Olympics. Inside Bay Area has the full story.

After that? The San Ramon native hopes to catch the interest of an NBA squad, and as all Warriors fans know, we’re just a big bodied center away from making the playoffs. This is worth noting because Samhan is a 6’11”, 265 lb. center and said this morning, “Tell the Warriors I’m ready to come back.”

Now maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the idea of giving the local boy a tryout sound like a fabulously low-risk move? If you’re a Dubs fan, I’d love to know what you think. Should Golden State give Omar a shot?