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Kate and Nick are talking NFL labor negotiations, JaMarcus Russell’s latest misstep, Oregon’s possibly paid recruiter, the countdown to March Madness, Sharks hockey, Warriors basketball, how the Giants and A’s are lookin’ down in Arizona, and much more on today’s That’s What She Said! Click here to listen.


That’s right, former Raiders star quarterback and huge fan of purple drank, JaMarcus Russell, needs to come up with $195,512.05 in the next three months or his Oakland mansion will be headed to the auction block. Chopping block? Regardless, hooray for train wrecks that aren’t named Charlie Sheen making the news!

Since owner Al Davis bid adieu to the draft bust Russell in 2009, the Southern boy has been living in his native Alabama, despite numerous attempts to make another NFL squad.

So I know it probably sounds crazy (sarcasm noted), but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that J-Money won’t be dropping another dime on this place. Your thoughts?

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