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Which begs the question, can life get any better? I’m guessing at least tonight Bishop is thinking not by much after receiving a proclamation from the mayor deeming Tuesday, February 15, 2011, Desmond Bishop Day in San Francisco!

The honor comes after the San Francisco native and former Cal star recovered a fumble en route to his first Super Bowl title a few weeks back. For video from today’s event and an interview with Bishop, click here. (It takes a minute to download, but it’s worth the wait.)

Go Bears! Go Desmond! And Go Pack Go!


The biggest game of the year is almost here and Kate and Nick are talking ALLLL about it! So what are you waiting for? Click here to listen! Big shouts to our awesome callers this week: Megan, Rob, Mary, and Mr. O’Neil. Today’s show rocks because of you!

While all the talk this week has focused on Chico’s Aaron Rodgers, let’s not forget the handful of other Bay Area boys fulfilling the dream of playing in a Super Bowl this Sunday. In addition to Rodgers, fellow Cal grad and Green Bay teammate, Desmond Bishop, will be reppin’ Fairfield High School and San Francisco City College. Other local talent on the Pack includes former San Jose State receiver, James Jones. Look for Vacaville native and Will C. Wood High School grad, Jarrett Bush, to make an impact on special teams. And even though he’s unlikely to see much, if any playing time – since he’s just a 2nd year O-line guy – big shouts to Salinas High product, Evan Dietrich-Smith, an offensive guard for the Pack.

As for the black and yellow, the Bay Area ties are minimal. The only guy on the roster from the Yay is backup quarterback, Dennis Dixon, of San Leandro High fame. Unfortunately, Dixon’s still recovering from a knee injury earlier in the season, so there’s no chance of seeing him scramble on Sunday, even if Big Ben gets knocked out.

So there you have it! Here’s wishing all of our local boys lots of luck on Sunday. And just between you and me, I think Bush may turn out to be the game changer. What about you?

Though Cal fans had a love/hate relationship with the toe head from Santa Clarita during his years under center – we loved him when he won, blamed him when we lost – it’s always great to hear about former Bears continuing to pursue their dreams of playing in the NFL. (Especially those forced to pick up where Green Bay Packers star, Aaron Rodgers, left off) The latest step for Longshore? Signing with the Arena Football League’s San Jose SaberCats.

Since going undrafted in the 2009 NFL draft, Longshore’s been the assistant football coach at his alma mater in Southern California. So, this is definitely a step in the right direction and you never know. Kurt Warner went undrafted out of college, took the AFL by storm, and went on to lead the St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl title. Lightning rarely strikes twice, but there’s certainly no harm in wishing it does, right? At least, in Longshore’s case 🙂

Why? Because we want to get as many Packers and Steelers fans onto our Friday podcast as possible! So, if you’ve ever wanted to be on a sports show and be able to share the recording with all of your friends, now’s your chance!

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This is beyond hilarious. Absolutely beyond. I ran across this last night on Facebook and haven’t been able to stop laughing since. Sure, A-Rod is on everyone’s radar now, but three years ago he was little more than the first round draft pick waiting around in Brett Favre’s shadow.

So, in true AR fashion – those who know him can attest to this – Rodgers thought a good waste of time would be attempting to get in or photobomb as many Packers’ pre-game captains pics as possible. As this photo collage proves, it sure looks as if successful may be a slight understatement.

Go Bears, Go Pack, and GO AARON RODGERS!!!

Superbowl XLV is set! That’s why Kate and Nick are talking Packers/Steelers, but not before giving the Bears and the Jets some season-ending love. Have fun golfing, guys! Speaking of golf, the duo also touches on the latest Tiger Woods news, catches up with the Sharks and Warriors, and recaps an exciting NCAA hoops weekend. So what are you waiting for? That and much more is ahead on today’s edition of That’s What She Said!

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