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As if there weren’t already enough things going right for the Saint Mary’s men’s basketball team this season – 1st in the WCC, #23 in the NCAA, not to mention a viral rap video – former Gaels’ star, Omar Samhan, is back in the news giving the Moraga faithful yet another reason to smile.

Samhan, who led the Gaels to the Sweet Sixteen in last year’s NCAA tourney and recently led his Lithuanian pro team to a league championship, now has his eyes set on leading the Egyptian National team to the 2012 Olympics. Inside Bay Area has the full story.

After that? The San Ramon native hopes to catch the interest of an NBA squad, and as all Warriors fans know, we’re just a big bodied center away from making the playoffs. This is worth noting because Samhan is a 6’11”, 265 lb. center and said this morning, “Tell the Warriors I’m ready to come back.”

Now maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the idea of giving the local boy a tryout sound like a fabulously low-risk move? If you’re a Dubs fan, I’d love to know what you think. Should Golden State give Omar a shot?

So what you’re telling me is there’s benefits to coaching at both Stanford and Cal during your career? I see 🙂 All joking aside, huge congrats to current Cal head man, Mike Montgomery, for passing former Cal coach Clarence “Nibs” Price in the record books last night. With the Bears win over the Oregon State Beavers on Thursday, Monty now has a ridiculous 450 wins.

Nibs held onto the top spot for more than 56 years, winning 449 games at Cal over 30 seasons from 1924-25 through 1953-54 before handing the reigns to legendary coach Pete Newell. For more on Nibs career, click here.

Wow. Just…wow. That’s all I can say after reading Jordan Conn’s story on Cal guard Jorge Gutierrez. Some background to help explain my response. During my three years with the Cal Sports Report, we profiled every basketball player on both teams during the spring except for Jorge Gutierrez. Why? Well, he’s quiet. Quiet doesn’t work on television. Okay, it works when you have ESPN flying you to Mexico and Colorado to get ridiculously good footage to support your story, but for Cal’s low-budget highlight show, Gutierrez was a no-go.

Lucky for Cal fans, a freelance print journalist in Berkeley finally found a way to bring Jorge’s journey to life. Regardless of your feelings about basketball, I encourage one and all to read this story. Read it and pass it along. In my opinion, it’s that good.

Soooo, this isn’t exactly Bay Area sports, but Cal’s straw hat band is mentioned in the article and the kid grew up in Northern California, so I’m taking advantage of my administrative powers and bending the rules a bit for this post.

Say hello to Michael Lizarraga, the NCAA Division 1’s first deaf basketball player. The New York Times ran a feature on him earlier this week and after reading it, I just had to share. I hope once you read it, you’ll do the same!

With her Stanford Cardinal’s 100-45 win this evening over the University of San Francisco Dons, Coach VanDerveer becomes just the 6th NCAA Women’s coach to win 800 games.

I repeat, eight HUNDRED games. Thas cray-zee! I don’t even think I can count that high. Sheesh. Anyway, congrats!