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Two words: You’re welcome.

Four words: Defending World Series Champs. Are you ready to get the chills all over again? Then press play, baby!

Despite his diminutive size, 2-time Cy Young Award winner and 2010 World Series Champion – Timmy “The Freak” Lincecum – can apparently fit quite a bit of junk in the ol’ lunch box.

That’s according to this story, which states that Tim’s usual order at In-N-Out is three Double-Doubles with cheese, two orders of fries and a milkshake. In other words, the 168 lb. pitcher – yeah, right – can put away 3,385 calories in one sitting. If you think that’s impressive, just wait ’till you hear what he eats at his favorite burger joint back in Washington!

And my love affair with Mr. Lincecum continues …

After a massive 2008 season, during which Jackson hit .300, scored 85 runs and knocked in 75 as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks, the former Cal star fell victim to a nasty foe … the disabled list. Valley fever took away Jackson’s 2009 season and a hernia and strained hammy ruined his 2010 campaign. So, instead of working on something baseball related this offseason, Jackson instead focused on improving his karma.

Hey, you gotta love a guy that worries about his positive energy, right? Especially one that’s a former Bear and current Oakland Athletic. Click here to read the full story.

Great news from down in the desert! Inside Bay Area is reporting that Bishop O’Dowd alum, Tyson Ross, is in the mix to be the Oakland Athletics fifth starter this season. The 6’6″ fireballer was a 2nd round draft choice of the A’s back in 2008, which had to be pretty exciting, seeing as Ross was born in Berkeley and played college ball at Cal.

I had the chance to interview the big man during his time with the Bears and he seemed like a great kid. Polite, humble, and one hell of an athlete. Here’s hoping he’s able to parlay a great spring into a regular spot in the Oakland rotation!

Wow, talk about awesome timing! A day after I post a link to a story that ran in Playboy back in 2009, describing how Barry Bonds went from the home run king to the fall guy for steroids in baseball, Federal prosecutors dropped the number of charges Bonds faces in his upcoming perjury trial from 11 to five.

If you read the article I linked to this should come as no surprise, but I still find the timing quite fabulous. Okay, I’m done patting myself on the back now. For the full story on why a number of charges were dropped, click here.

As more and more Major League baseball players have come out and said, “Yup, I juiced too,” my feelings towards Barry Bonds have evolved. Blame it on my Bay Area bias, my love of the Giants, or my tendency to empathize with the misunderstood. Whatever the reason, I’ve gone from upset and ashamed at having cheered for Bonds to shaking my head at the fact that Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, and Andy Pettitte, among others have all been given a pass simply for saying, “Yes, I did.”

Because as Rodriguez prepares for another run at a World Series title, McGwire spends another season in the Cardinals’ dugout, and Pettitte rides off into the welcoming sunset of retirement, Bonds will head back to court. Which makes me think of a piece that Playboy – yes, Playboy – ran way back in 2009. If you missed it and have followed the story of steroids in baseball, it’s a must read, if for no other reason than to gain some perspective on the following fact.

On March 21, 2011, Bonds will step into a courtroom to begin defending himself on Federal charges of perjury. While McGwire will adjust his hat, lean back and watch, as the Cardinals continue their spring training activities under the gorgeous Florida sun.