About the TWSS Podcast

Hi there! My name’s Kate Scott and my buddy, Nick Winkler, and I are sports reporters based in the Bay Area. One evening, after yakking about sports for the umpteenth night in a row, I asked Nick, “Hey, you wanna do a sports show together?” Smart man that he is, he quickly agreed and thanks to our friends at Stitcher Radio, the TWSS podcast was born.

The format of the 20-30 minute show is simple. National headlines, followed by Bay Area sports chat, with plenty of opinion mixed in. And now thanks to Google Voice, we want to make you a part of the podcast! If you like what you hear, hate what you hear, or have something you think we should talk about in a future ‘cast, call the TWSS hotline at 415-413-7316. (It’s just a voice mail at this point, so feel free to call as many times as you’d like to perfect your message.) If we like what we hear, chances are, you’ll be the star of a future edition of That’s What She Said!

So what are you waiting for?!? Give us a ring!


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