About the TWSS Blog

The short story: I’m a lifelong, hard-core, rally monkey hating, Bay Area sports fan. (Thanks Dad!) And while I enjoy reporting on the big stories – 2010 WORLD SERIES CHAMPS! – I find off-the-wall happenings and major accomplishments by individual athletes equally exciting. So, I blog about them. Sarcasm and sassy commentary included free of charge.

The long story: The road to now began in the 1980’s, while the rest of my elementary school pals were watching cartoons, I was, well, not. Tuned into Linda Cohn and Keith Olbermann – memorizing batting averages, catch-phrases, and above all, learning the lingo of the land – my parents say I was a SportsCenter junkie before there was such a thing. The acquisition of sports skills and knowledge continued as I grew and by junior high I was playing basketball, soccer, softball, tennis, and running track.

By high school (after getting beaned in the head by two soon-to-be NCAA Division 1 starting pitchers) I opted out of softball, chose soccer over hoop and suddenly was down to just three after-school activities. Then, a pair of life-altering events took place.

During a soccer tournament, I tore the lateral meniscus in my right knee. After surgery, my doc said that if I wanted to have any chance of playing with my kids at age 40, I should take up non-impact sports, so I left my competitive team, gave up my dream of playing collegiate soccer, and became a sports writer for the school newspaper. Around the same time, friends took me to my first Big Game, thus answering the question of where I wanted to go to college (hint, hint: Go Bears!). And so, by the end of high school, I’d come to terms with not playing a collegiate sport and thanks to my time writing for the school paper decided upon a new goal: becoming a sports reporter.

My first break came during my sophomore year in Berkeley. After harassing the producer of Cal’s weekly highlight show for an internship, he relented and made me host of the show’s infotainment “Bear Territory” segment. The following fall, I hosted a half-hour episode of (CSTV) College Sports Television’s 1st person series; a show for which I shot and produced my own segment a few months earlier. Unfortunately, the episode never aired, but the producers told me to keep at it and I did.

In the fall of 2004, I got back into print reporting with The Bear Insider, a monthly Cal sports magazine. Originally marked to do background research for others, by the New Year I was a published staff writer. The following year, I was back working in television and also beginning to explore radio. Most recently, I’ve begun to explore voice and on-camera acting, all of which you can read about here.

While I love what I do and feel incredibly lucky to call doing what I love my “profession”, I miss getting the chance to inject personality and bias into my stories like I did before I became a reporter. So, towards the end of 2010, I started this blog. Consider it my attempt to make following Bay Area sports fun. And hey, if you’re a casual sports fan, my hope is that you’ll even learn a few things along the way. I created the TWSS podcast to help you do just that.

So whether you’re here to read a particular post, are a dedicated subscriber to the blog, or simply just passing through, thanks for making it this far and more importantly, thanks for stopping by!


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