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Why? Because we want to get as many Packers and Steelers fans onto our Friday podcast as possible! So, if you’ve ever wanted to be on a sports show and be able to share the recording with all of your friends, now’s your chance!

First, think of a 15-30 second rant on why YOUR team is going to win this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Second, call 415-413-7316 and leave your name and rant in a message. If you’re not happy with the way it turns out, just hang up and call again. We’re only an answering machine at this point, so if at first you don’t succeed, try until you do!

Third, check back to the TWSS blog around 3pm PST on Friday.

That’s it.

We’ll post the names of the folks that make it into the show when we post the ‘cast right here on Friday. So start scheming and call in soon! We want to hear from ALL of you!

The deadline for rants is Midnight ET on Thursday.


This is beyond hilarious. Absolutely beyond. I ran across this last night on Facebook and haven’t been able to stop laughing since. Sure, A-Rod is on everyone’s radar now, but three years ago he was little more than the first round draft pick waiting around in Brett Favre’s shadow.

So, in true AR fashion – those who know him can attest to this – Rodgers thought a good waste of time would be attempting to get in or photobomb as many Packers’ pre-game captains pics as possible. As this photo collage proves, it sure looks as if successful may be a slight understatement.

Go Bears, Go Pack, and GO AARON RODGERS!!!

So what you’re telling me is there’s benefits to coaching at both Stanford and Cal during your career? I see 🙂 All joking aside, huge congrats to current Cal head man, Mike Montgomery, for passing former Cal coach Clarence “Nibs” Price in the record books last night. With the Bears win over the Oregon State Beavers on Thursday, Monty now has a ridiculous 450 wins.

Nibs held onto the top spot for more than 56 years, winning 449 games at Cal over 30 seasons from 1924-25 through 1953-54 before handing the reigns to legendary coach Pete Newell. For more on Nibs career, click here.

First off, congrats to one of only two San Jose Sharks to make it to the 2011 NHL All-Star Game, Logan “Juicy” Couture. At the ripe ol’ age of 21, Juicy is already leading the team in a number of offensive categories and let’s face it, he’s got one of the best last names a sports broadcaster could ask for.

Unfortunately for the youngester – as my partner in podcasting crime, Nick, pointed out in today’s show – being barely legal means the chances of growing a playoff beard (and/or looking tough at any point during the season) are slim to none. And if you think the photo we’ve got here is bad, just wait until you click here to see the photo Logan took for this weekends All-Star Game.

All together now … awww, isn’t Juicy cute? I mean, ehem, GO SHARKS!

Kate and Nick are so excited about this Sunday’s NFL Pro bowl they decided to devote today’s entire podcast to the topic. Kidding. We’re kidding. The duo does touch on the game, but not before talking the NHL All-Star game, Monte Ellis’ All-Star worthy play, NCAA basketball, Tiger Woods at Torrey Pines, tomorrow’s Senior Bowl and potential Niners QBs to watch, NASCAR’s latest rule changes, and of course, Brian Wilson bringing down the house on Lopez Tonight. Are you a beard fearin’ Bay Area sports fan?

Then stop reading and click here to start listening to the latest edition of That’s What She Said!

And don’t forget, we want to hear from you, especially if you’re a fan of the Packers or the Steelers! We would LOVE to get some trash talkin’ folks onto next Friday’s Super Bowl preview ‘cast, so if you wanna add your two cents, all you gotta do is dial 415-413-7316 and leave us a message. If you don’t like your message, just leave us another and we’ll use the one that makes you sound the best. Promise. So call in today!

And as expected, Wilson KILLS it! Here’s your latest reason to fear the beard:

You’re welcome.


With spring training quickly approaching a new player has entered into the talks to encourage the San Francisco Giants to release their hold on San Jose, so that – if given the chance – the Oakland A’s can move there. That player is none other than former San Jose mayor and lifelong Giants fan, Tom McEnery.

The Mercury News has the full story, which explains a great deal about the situation if this is your first time hearing about it. As a rare fan of both ball clubs – no really, I like them both – I hope that the Giants get over themselves and realize that A’s and Giants fans are nothing alike. That’s why it’s hard for me to believe that the Giants would lose South Bay fans to the A’s – as owner Bill Neukom continues to say – if the Green and Gold does in fact make the move. And for A’s fans, the sooner the better, because as the Mercury News says:

The timing matters, too: McEnery says he believes that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig’s decision on allowing an A’s stadium near Diridon Station will come soon. And he fears Selig’s decision will go against San Jose unless the Giants drop their opposition.

In other words, all the fans pissed off about the idea of the team leaving Oakland for Fremont or San Jose are going to be a whole lot more upset when the team waves goodbye to the entire Bay Area, thanks in part, to your San Francisco Giants.